The TypeMatrix keyboard comes with the following warranty:

TypeMatrixTM warrants this product to be free from any defects in materials or workmanship for TWO YEARS. If such a defect is discovered within this warranty's limitations, TypeMatrixTM agrees at its sole discretion, to repair or replace with the same item or one of equal value, free of charge to the original consumer/purchaser.

This warranty shall not apply if this item is modified, misused, tampered with, subjected to abnormal working conditions, or transferred to someone other than the original consumer/purchaser.

Guarantee / Return Policy

We believe that switching to the TypeMatrix keyboard will greatly benefit your keyboarding health. To make the switch may take some time and commitment on your part. When you decide to make this purchase we strongly encourage you to use the keyboard for several days and up to 2 weeks to enable full adjustment to the changes we have made to the standard keyboard layout. Almost everyone who does this experiences the ease and comfort of this keyboard, and most users go on to report faster, more accurate, and much greater comfort in typing.

However, for various individual reasons, the TypeMatrix design may not be right for everyone. When the product(s) are purchased directly from TypeMatrix, we guarantee your satisfaction 100% or we will refund your total purchase price with the return of the keyboard in its original packaging with all accessories and in prime condition. (If you have purchased our products elsewhere you must return them through the original source, according to their rules and policies. We'll be glad to assist you if your product has manufacturing defects, but we cannot guarantee refunds for products purchased elsewhere.) We ask that you contact us before you return the keyboard. Once we have received the return, we will promptly refund the purchase price.

Customer Service

Questions, call 1-866-439-7322 8am-6pm PST (+1-805-617-4922 international) or email contact@typematrix.com.