New User Tips: Getting Started

Adapting to your new 2030 Keyboard will be very rewarding - for your health, typing efficiency, and physical comfort while working. Change can be challenging, so give yourself one or two weeks to get into the TypeMatrix zone. Here are some suggestions to ease your transition.


Typing Tips

Identifying Keys

Put a small square of stick-on Velcro on the keys that you want to identify quickly. This helps in the early adjustment stage i.e. the index fingers of both hands on the home row; the function key; the control key - whatever key you use frequently and need some extra help to locate in the beginning.

Typing Tutors

Although we had at one point paid for development of a TypeMatrix typing tutor, the developer has decided not to continue updating the application to make it compatible with modern operating systems, so we had to make the decision to discontinue it. However, a simple Google search for "free typing tutor" will offer you many modern choices, including online typing tutors that require no installations, and many even offer lessons in Dvorak.

For our Colemak users, we suggest taking a look at the Colemak Learn page for some suggestions for typing tutors.

Video from an avid TypeMatrix fan for inspiration! Watch now.

Keyboard Maintenance Tips


Avoid dust buildup that can cause your keys to 'stick' and react slowly. We recommend using a vacuum over the keycaps or regularly using a compressed air product, such as DustOff, to easily remove unwanted debris.

Protective Skins

TypeMatrix offers translucent or black flexible, silicone skins that fit snug over the 2030 keyboard. These are great for total protection of your keyboard from dust, debris, and spills. Cleans easily with water and a gentle liquid soap. Learn More.