About Us

Since 1997, TypeMatrix founder and CEO Henry Webber has been passionate about designing and building keyboards that significantly reduce the motions known to cause repetitive strain injury (RSI). Suffering from RSI himself and displeased with all the ‘ergonomic keyboards’ on the market, Henry realized his painful problem really came down to a global epidemic. The average office worker is expected to type 6-7 hours a day, and with millions of people worldwide already suffering from painful and debilitating carpal tunnel, RSI, and typing related injuries, this number can only be projected to increase astronomically.

With extensive research and consumer product testing, the original TypeMatrix EZ-Reach was born. Since then our company offerings have expanded to include multiple keyboard versions in QWERTY, DVORAK and blank universal and keyboard skins in English, French and Swedish.

I used to be horrible at typing. In my line of work, such lack of typing skills really gets in the way. I bought a Dvorak version of TypeMatrix and I have never looked back. I love the 2030 keyboard. Whenever I have to use another keyboard I just wish that I had my 2030 with me. You get what you pay for. Marcin Zalewski, Professor
I am very pleased with the skins! I must confess that I was a bit skeptical about them at first, but the skins allow me to type as usual, they keep the keys free from dust, and they never cause extra keyboard mistypings so after a week of heavy usage I have nothing to complain about. H. Algestam, Dvorak Advocate
Thanks to your keyboard, my typing speed has improved and my fingers don't get cramped; I am unable to type at all on 'normal' keyboards without cursing and staring at my fingers, hehe. Jano Lukac, Business Broker
I suffered with carpal tunnel in both wrists for many years, until I discovered the ergonomic benefits of the TypeMatrix keyboard. Once I re-learned the placement of a few keys and the benefits of a shorter distance between my mouse and my keyboard, my pain greatly diminished. Wendy Millstine, Acquisitions Editor
Your keyboard is revolutionary and I can't imagine going back to a regular keyboard. I notice my hands no longer pronate and supinate to meet the demands of the awkward typewriter style keyboards. This has made typing much less strenuous for extended programming sessions. Jarom Lee, Programmer
I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to tell you this, but I am in absolute HEAVEN since receiving the keyboard! My learning curve was well under a week. You certainly do have an outstanding product! Nina Cuccurullo, Medical Transcriptionist
Before using the TypeMatrix keyboard I often had stiff wrists, thumbs, elbows and shoulders after doing a long job on the computer. Yesterday I realized that I've had no aches and pains since I bought the new keyboard. What a blessing! Pam Free, Website Designer
I appreciate all the work you've put into the boards, and my wrists thank you. Andrew Stroscher, Screenwriter