TypeMatrix™   PLEASE NOTE: the design of the new 2030 USB has a slightly modified layout. The below images have NOT YET been updated to reflect this. The images on the order page are UP TO DATE AND ACCURATE. We apologize for the inconvenience while we update our site.
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EZ-Reach 2030-US
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In addition to the left and right hand modules, separated by the center Backspace and Enter keys, the EZR 2030-US contains the following 5 modules (rollover green buttons to expose modules):

MODULE 1: The A-Z typing module
This is the complete and standard version of the A-Z keypad layout modified into the more logical and ergonomic matrix design, available in Qwerty or Dvorak.

MODULE 2: The left control module
This module contains:
Left Ctrl-Alt-Shift - the main modifiers for keyboard shortcuts
Function – while depressed, all blue-labeled keys are activated
Start – same as Windows key
Apps – same as the other Windows key
Shuffle – toggles between the last two opened applications
• Hold shuffle and use tab to select from all opened applications

MODULE 3: The right control module
This module contains:
Num – locks the Num Pad and alternative cursor keys into activation
Function – duplicate of the lower left Function key
Backspace – duplicate of the Center Backspace key
Delete – located on home row, tactile bump, colored for easy detection
Enter – duplicate for center Enter
Right Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Insert modifiers –
• Shift + Delete = cut
• Ctrl + Insert = copy
• Shift + Insert = paste

MODULE 4: The cursor control module
This module contains:
Inverted “T” arrow keys – with tactile bump on the down arrow
Pg Up / Pg Dn – easily accessible for editing
Home / End – easily accessible for editing
• Ctrl + Home – beginning of document
• Ctrl + End – end of document

MODULE 5: The embedded Num Pad module
This module is a calculator-style Num Pad ( with “00” and “=”).
The inverted “T” arrow and Home/End keys work with the Num Pad.



Small Size
  • Smallest keyboard with full-sized keys and complete functionality
  • Footprint – 12.75w"x5.5h"x.5d"
  • Fits over notebook keypads without covering the touch pad
  • Mouse close to the right hand
  • Portable – fits easily in briefcase, notebook case, backpack
  • Flat – sleek – lightweight

Intuitive Design
  • Grid layout – easy to learn and easy on the fingers, hands, arms
  • Logical, modular design
  • Large Shift, Backspace, Enter keys
  • Less reaching to frequently used keys and mouse
  • Calculator-style Number Pad
  • Tactile feedback on keys - ridges and bumps
  • Color-coded for easy use
  • PS/2 Connecter

Ergonomic Solutions
  • Prevents typing injuries
  • Reduces or eliminates existing typing symptoms
  • 90% of users get complete or significant reduction of pain
  • Switchable to Dvorak layout (50% less finger travel)
  • Keyboard and typist centered on monitor
  • Terrific design for programmers and power users
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